Summer field work in meso-scale catchments

Within the WP3 of CHASE-PL hydrological models are applied in two spatial scales: at large-scale for the Vistula and Odra river basins and at meso-scale, for their two selected sub-catchments: the Upper Narew (~4300 km2) and the Barycz (~5500 km2) catchments. In summer 2014 field works were organized by WULS-SGGW staff in both catchments in order to gather data and information that would be later used in the model setup and calibration. Project permanent staff, Phd students and undergraduate students took part in two expeditions.

Field works in the Barycz catchment were conducted in 30 June – 2 July 2014, whereas the measurements in the Upper Narew catchment in 28 – 29 July 2014. The field work scope included:

  • channel geometry and river discharge measurements;
  • collection of river water and treated sewage water samples for chemical analysis
  • mounting Phillips samplers for suspended sediment load measurement;
  • live questionnaires with managers of main sewage treatment plants concerning current and historical characteristics of water discharged to river network;
  • interviews with local land and water reclamation authorities and agricultural extension services;
  • georeferenced photos of various crops to be used as training fields for the determination of Landsat-based land cover map for year 2014.

The hydrological models of the Upper Narew and the Barycz catchments will be used to project the impacts of climate change on water balance, crop yields, sediment and nutrient transport.